Thursday, 20 October 2022

‘From the Ashes’ – Rebuilding Ballater Station – Alistair Cassie

The railway came to Aboyne in 1859, and soon extended further West, passing Dinnet and Cambus O’May, whose platforms and buildings are familiar to cyclists and walkers, and reaching Ballater in 1866. Inclinations to progress even further came to nothing, and Ballater was at the end of the line. But not in any pejorative sense, providing a key service to the folk of Upper Deeside and a historic location for holidaying Royals and their guests for many years. And then: calamity. In May 2015, the iconic station was burnt to the ground. Its fascinating background story and its reconstruction, completed in 2018, is a compelling community tale, told by Alistair Cassie, well known for his unique and lively contributions to local heritage.

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