This ‘Sceptered Isle’: Tales of Iona, Mull and Staffa

Gordon Casely delivered this talk on 17 February with his customary panache, taking his audience on a trip through the marvels of Mull, then the geological wonders of Staffa’s basalt columns, ending with a pictorial journey to Iona. This was exploration through delightful pictures and tasteful commentary, highlighting the natural beauties of this remarkable part of the world. Iona rightly took pride of place for many in the audience, with its remarkable history as a key north European cultural centre, focussing on the early Christian settlements, the Viking attacks and the restoration of the Cathedral led by the redoubtable Revd. George Macleod and the unemployed craftsmen from Glasgow. Seventeen kings are buried here, including, some say, Macbeth. But it is not simply a place of the past: through the Iona Community the Island’s spirit and purpose endure. This beacon in the Hebrides.