Books and Articles


This is not in any sense a bibliography and nor are the publishers’ details or dates provided.  The list is far from exhaustive but each item provides information that will both entertain and instruct. A number are readily available; for others a good starting point would be the village Community Library or booksellers in Dinnet and Ballater. If you are aware of other books and articles that we should include, we would of course welcome further information.  Please let us know using the Contact Us tab.

1. The Aboyne Heritage Walk

This booklet, produced by the Aboyne and Deeside Heritage Society, is available at many outlets in the village, costs £2 and is full of information and photos, with an illustrated map.

Mr Urquhart and his young apprentice
2. A Walk Around Aboyne

Written by Jim Cheyne. a distinguished local pioneer who published and posted information on many aspects of Aboyne.

Jim seated – launch of Aboyne Heritage Walk signboard
3. D.Fox (

These internet articles are an indispensable source of information about key events in Aboyne’s past and its many characters, including William Cunliffe Brooks, the Sandisons of the Huntly Arms Hotel, the Gordon family and John Davidson.

!9th Century Aboyne
Huntly Arms
Changed days. Changed menu. Changed prices. Changed spelling!
Gazebo – Huntly Arms – site of gambling between Lairds and Royalty
Can you date this from the Motorbike?
Royal welcome: in the 1950’s?
Great Balance: Frank Harper
The Fountain, erected in 1904 and restored in 2015. The Millennium date from 2001
4. Glentanar

Pierre Fouin grew up there and his book is an indispensable guide to the Brooks and Coats families and to changing everyday life in the Glen.

One of the many clues to Glentanar’s Canadian links
Typical of the cards by the artist Russell Flint which Lord and Lady Glentanar would commission each Christmas
5. Deeside and the Mearns

Edited by Professor Jane Geddes, this illustrates the provenance and significance of Aboyne’s many architectural treasures.

Aboyne Castle-with wings
Castle with new wing
6. Records of Aboyne; Milestones and The Cock 0′ The North

Written by the 11th Marquis, these volumes provide lively and unique insights into his many interests, the historical records and development of our community, and the pivotal role his family played in the village annals.

The 11th Marquis, his wife and groom.
7. St Thomas’ Church

Jane Kruuk’s booklet is a detailed guide to the history and architecture of this beautiful Episcopal church, which was consecrated in 1909 and was the gift of George Coats, who, in 1916, became Lord (Ist Baron) Glentanar.

8. The Church at Aboyne

Lewis Lawson’s booklet highlights the history of the village’s Presbyterian Church, which is designed in the Gothic style.  The parish church was moved from Formaston to its current location in 1762 and the book has many interesting insights into changing social conditions and attitudes in the village.

9. History of St Margaret’s Church

This booklet tells the story of the Village’s Roman Catholic Church on Ballater Road(1874), designed by the 11th Marquis’ Clerk of Works Alexander Ogilvie, and the role it played for local and visiting congregations such as the French-Canadian lumberjacks stationed on Deeside during WW2.

10. Lost Deeside

Written by Daniel MacCannell, this is a lively and illuminating guide to the history of the valley and its many different but connected communities.

11. Then and Now on The Great North

Volume 1, by Graham Maxtone and Mike Cooper ( the latter of whom gave an excellent talk to the Heritage Society), was published in 2018 and contains a chapter on the Deeside line with excellent photographs and text.

approaching Aboyne Loch- with water often also on the left
Aboyne Railway Station 1974
Where did the tunnel emerge? When the line was close down, what was the tunnel used for and by whom?
Dismantling of Aboyne Station following closure
The railway line and old Mill
Cool Bus!
Recovering from Storm Frank
Shops in 1884
wooden piles by the bridge- remains of what?
This flint tool was lost at Heughhead Farm, Aboyne for 6000 years- then recently found!

The 4 musketeers at Aboyne Academy

A prehistoric spear-head found at Aboyne
An Academy partnership

This is not the Aboyne Probus Cycling group, despite initial appearances! It is John Milne, father of Robert Milne the renowned photographer of the Royal Family. (Photo taken by Robert).

12. Lordship and Power in the North of Scotland

Barry Robertson’s book is the outstanding study ot the ‘Noble House of Huntly’ in the crucial and complex 17th Century, with key insights into regional and national developments which were influenced by, and in turn shaped, the Gordon family.

13. Aboyne – a Social Miscellany

This will be the site of miscellaneous images relating to the community of Aboyne and Deeside from pre-history to the present day.


Aboyne Ball 1952
Aboyne Games 1871. Note the buildings in the background- can you spot any changes from today
Rugby Club Dinner: Scotland Rugby Captain David Sole
( from Glenbuchat) shakes hands with the Aboyne Captain: does the latter remind you of anyone?
Look closely- what date was this?
Site of Aboyne’s Mesolithic past–extending north of the road
Aboyne – Neolithic meeting place

The missing stone from the Circle? Quite probably.

14. Fenton Wyness, Royal Valley. The Aberdeenshire Dee

Packed full of intriguing information, not all of it now reliable!
As is another breezy and enjoyable read, Cuthbert Graham’s Portrait of Aberdeen and Deeside.

15. William C. Wonders: The Sawdust Fusiliers

This book tells the fascinating story of the many Canadian loggers who came to Aboyne , and other areas of Scotland, during World War 2 , making big contributions both to the War effort and the local community, which welcomed them warmly.

The picture shows three Canadian loggers based near Aboyne during WW2