The Society exists to promote, study and celebrate the heritage of our local community and the wider area. It encompasses history, archaeology, culture and nature, recognizing that these are not only rooted in the past but are ongoing and created by everyone in the community.

To help do this, we:

  • Hold meetings regularly, as advertised in our annual Programme, to hear talks by invited speakers.
  • Arrange outings for members and guests.
  • Help preserve and restore important artifacts and features.
  • Host social media sites to update and engage our own and the broader community on heritage matters
  • Partner with our local schools and Clubs, and the Community Library, to promote civic interest and pride.
  • Ensure the stories and narrative of our heritage endure, by recording and making available interviews with local people.

1. Membership of the Society is open to all on payment of the annual fee, agreed in advance at the AGM; guests are welcome to our talks, again for a fee set by the Committee and agreed by Members. All Membership data held by the Society together with information about members, including recorded interviews, is in full compliance with legislative requirements.

2. The Committee of the Society consists of a President, Secretary and Treasurer, together with members agreed at the AGM.  All Committee members can be re-elected at the AGM. If a vacancy occurs for an Officer, this can be voted on at a Special General Meeting. Any Officer or Member can be removed by resolution of an SGM. Any four Committee members shall form a quorum.

3. The Secretary conducts the correspondence of the Society, and gives appropriate notice of meetings.

4. The Treasurer manages the Society‘s Bank Account/s and reports on the Society’s financial position at the AGM, or more frequently as required. The Treasurer and the President shall countersign all outgoing cheques. Any Committee Member shall be entitled to reimbursement of approved out-of-pocket expenses but not to remuneration. In the event of the Society being wound up, the Treasurer, on the voted instruction of Members, shall make payable any extant funds to an appropriate third party or cause.

5. The AGM is held annually and Members are appropriately notified of this. An SGM can be held at the Discretion of the Committee or when requested by Members.