Commerce Raiders in the American Civil War – the Role of John Law from Aberdeen

As the Civil War raged on land, events at sea were no less crucial. The talk will highlight John Law, a native of Aberdeen, who emigrated to Georgia where he became involved in running the Northern Blockades. Our speaker, Bob Thorp, is a recognised expert on the ships employed, and is directly descended from one of the major British shipbuilders, with whom John Law was involved.

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It’s hard to believe, but with our Up-coming Talk, Commerce Raiders in the American Civil War, we are nearing the end of our 2023/2024 Heritage Society session.

Meanwhile, the Aboyne and Deeside Heritage Facebook Group continues to go from strength to strength, with well over 2000 members, and has become a major go to resource for all matters relating to the absorbing heritage of Aboyne and Deeside.   Full credit goes to Lee Rhodes and our own Committee Member Brian Patterson for their wonderful contribution, and of course to many others in our immediate community and well beyond.  Well worth checking out!

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As part of our longer-term planning for the Society, we are always searching beyond the current Programme for potentially interesting and relevant material and any such contributions from members and non-members alike, would be most welcome.